Along with the original blueprints for Comstock House was a copy of Brainerd Jones' contract specifications, which includes details on the materials used as well as how the interior and exterior should be finished. A 5.5M PDF of the entire document can be downloaded at right.

NOTES ON SOURCE DOCUMENT: The original source is a 25-page multi-generation (?) photocopy on standard, legal-size photocopy paper with very light yellowing on the first and last pages. No cover page is present. Page corners are slightly foxed, and there are no pen or pencil markings on any pages; all rips, tears, and writing were from earlier copies. Streaks and dark spots appear on the source. This reproduction was made March 16, 2007, using a Canon 8400F scanner at 100 dpi and proofread to ensure all text is present from the source document, although some page numbers are clipped off the end.

Note that on pg. 8, Jones specifies (twice) that both the roof and siding were to be covered using white cedar shingles. This would have dramatically changed the exterior; instead of using the red western cedar which turned to deep brown as it aged, the house would have been white/silver. Why the change? Perhaps Mr. Oates wanted a brown house instead, or maybe the white cedar was unavailable at the time, or too expensive.